Female Navy Veteran Debuts Franchising Career with Snapology

Snapology logo in front of Corpus Christi

Viviana Vera Pelton, a U.S. Navy Veteran from Texas has recently signed a franchise agreement that will debut Snapology, the No. 1 children’s STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) franchise in Corpus Christi later this summer. Snapology is part of Unleashed Brands, the world’s first Youth Enrichment franchise platform company.

Pelton has spent 31 years in the corporate world focusing on medical coding and compliance, in addition to teaching higher education business courses for more than a decade. She grew up in a socioeconomically disadvantaged community where she often found herself not having the same resources as other children – such as not having enough teachers in her school. Her upbringing ultimately led to her decision to join the Navy since she was unable to afford college. Pelton served in the Navy as a hospital corpsman for 6 years starting at age 18 before leaving the service when she became a mother to her son.

Pelton was inspired by other veterans who, with the assistance of veteran resources, became business owners and has now taken a leap into franchising as a way to work for herself. She was inspired by Snapology’s mission of wanting to make a difference in the lives of children as a reason for her next career venture.

“I don’t want the children of the next generation to be in a tough position like I was during my childhood,” said Pelton. “Snapology will give the children in this area the chance to be introduced to STEAM enrichment programs and be inspired to pursue and excel in higher education and careers. I hope parents let their children experience Snapology and witness the value it can bring to a community.”

Pelton served at Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi and enjoyed her time in the area. She believes that there are vast opportunities for Snapology to make a difference in the Corpus Christi community and especially for her native Latinx community. She added, “I believe there is not enough representation of the Latinx community in STEAM-related careers, especially for women. I want to give the children in this community a head start at those here.”

Snapology has a commitment to play an active role in inspiring the next generation of scientists, engineers and mathematicians through excitement in STEAM concepts at an early age. Snapology encourages social skills and teamwork by teaching science, technology, engineering, art, math, and literacy concepts in a fun way. The brand uses a research-based curriculum, designed to be inclusive to all learning abilities with a hands-on teaching approach that uses LEGO® Bricks and other building toys, along with coding, video game design and robotics that encourage the perfect mix of play, academic enrichment, and social development.