franchisee smiling with two boys playing with robotics

What Makes a Great Snapology Owner?

The Snapology business model attracts people from a variety of backgrounds. Engineers, education administrative professionals, sales executives and even parents have been interested in the Snapology children’s enrichment franchise opportunity. But not everyone is prepared to launch and successfully operate this very specialized business model.

When prospective franchisees inquire about our business, the Snapology team looks for a few key characteristics. We want every new Snapology franchisee to bring these traits to the table.

Passionate about kids

Snapology’s entire business model is centered around helping children learn, play and grow. We believe we’re helping children experience and develop new skills every day, which benefits our communities at large. Every new Snapology owner should share our passion! We want our entire franchise family to wake up every day eager to help kids discover new passions and have tons of fun.

Business savvy

Snapology may not look like other educational or enrichment businesses, but it is still a business at the end of the day. Our franchisees come from very different backgrounds, and deep business experience is not a requirement. However, owners should have a mind for business operations and finance and have the skills needed to launch and grow a business independently.


Snapology is not an absentee business model. We want owners who are “all-in” and ready to spend time cultivating and building the business. While our owners shouldn’t be spending time teaching courses, they will need to be present at their business almost every day. You’ll spend your time meeting families, training new instructors and networking with community organizations to spread the word.


Snapology is helping grow the next generation of leaders. To do that, every center’s staff and customers must be directed by a leader themselves! Aspiring Snapology owners should have natural leadership skills and have no trouble taking charge in a team setting. You’ll need to have a self-starter attitude that allows you to make the tough decisions and guide your team through them in order to succeed.


Innovation is at the core of the Snapology franchise model. Our innovative curriculum is teaching innovative subjects to kids in innovative ways. Therefore, we want our owners to be just as innovative!

You might be a great fit if you’re interested in or passionate about some of the S.T.E.A.M. concepts we teach in our courses. After all, we rely on feedback from franchisees to help shape the future of our brand! You should also be innovative in a business sense, finding creative solutions to difficult problems day to day.


Both Snapology and general small business management can be hectic at times, so organization is a must-have. Snapology owners are responsible for setting up course schedules and making sure programs run like clockwork at community centers. This is on top of all your other business operation tasks after you officially launch. It takes an organized entrepreneur to effectively manage what can feel like chaos!


Another key tenet of Snapology’s culture is collaboration. We expect collaboration to happen on every level—within your classrooms, among your business’s team and even between franchisees and our corporate team. When we all work together, we’re capable of making great things happen!

On a local level, many Snapology franchise owners will offer their S.T.E.A.M. programs in schools and community centers. You’ll need to be willing and able to network and build strong relationships with local organizations to make this programming happen. You should also be soliciting feedback from your instructors to ensure you’re meeting your community’s unique needs.

A Snapology franchise is an exciting, affordable and innovative franchise opportunity for driven and passionate entrepreneurs. Interested in learning more about our industry-leading children’s enrichment opportunity? Fill out our contact form and a representative will be in touch!