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Snapology Joins the Unleashed Brands Family

After a decade of successful growth, Snapology is ready to take the next step in its business journey. We are proud to announce that Snapology recently joined Unleashed Brands!

Becoming a part of this growth-centered portfolio of family-focused brands will produce fantastic results for our company, both on the corporate and franchise level.

Unleashed Brands Helps Kids Learn, Play and Grow

Unleashed Brands was launched this year by Michael Browning, Founder of Urban Air Adventure Park. His goal was to take what his team learned from building Urban Air into a 150-plus-location business and use it to help other businesses grow in the same way. Unleashed Brands’ goal is to use its expertise and platform to “supercharge” family-focused businesses, helping them grow faster.

Unleashed Brands isn’t looking for just any brand partners, though. Its mission is to impact the lives of kids by providing fun, engaging and inspiring experiences that help them become who they are destined to be. In short, the goal is to help kids learn, play and grow! The companies Unleashed Brands adds to its portfolio are innovative, profitable and focused on delivering amazing experiences to children and their families. Between the platform’s three current brands—Urban Air Adventure Park, Snapology and The Little Gym—Unleashed Brands has over 750 franchises serving over 20 million children!

As part of the Unleashed Brands platform, brand partners are able to tap into the processes, systems and infrastructure perfected by the Unleashed Brands team. These systems are designed to help brands scale effectively, incorporating support in all areas of the business—from accounting to real estate, supply chain to marketing, operations to IT. This way, brand owners are able to focus more on perfecting the products and experiences they offer, leading to more innovation and happier customers!

Snapology and Unleashed Brands Are a Great Fit

Unleashed Brands was founded with an emphasis on delivering the best experiences to kids and communities. The brand owners and franchisees who are part of this platform are all passionate about serving families, innovating and building a brighter future.

This mission and set of values make Snapology a perfect fit for Unleashed Brands. Snapology values collaboration, creativity, innovation and friendship—the same things Unleashed Brands was built on. Our owners are passionate about children and their futures, which is why we help them develop useful S.T.E.A.M. skills through socialization and play. It’s also why we’ve been ranked the #1 children’s enrichment franchise by Entrepreneur! For these reasons and more, we fit perfectly within Unleashed Brand’s “Learn” segment.

“After learning about Michael’s vision for the portfolio brands, our decision to join the Unleashed Brands team was an easy one. Snapology’s alignment with Unleashed Brands will provide us access to other thought leaders in the children’s enrichment franchise space and the ability to leverage support and dedicated resources that will allow us to increase the value we bring to our franchisees and the families we serve,” said Laura Coe, Co-Founder of Snapology.

What Snapology Franchisees Have to Gain

Although the partnership between Snapology and Unleashed Brands is founded on the corporate level, this move will benefit Snapology franchise owners immensely.

  • Growth of the business: Unleashed Brands is poised to help brands grow—and when the brand grows, franchises grow. Unleashed Brands is helping us position ourselves for even more innovation and success. In turn, this will allow franchisees to capitalize on new and exciting products and services, a larger customer base and even more corporate support.
  • New opportunities: Right now, Snapology owners are able to choose their own path for operating their business. Brick-and-mortar discovery centers are more traditional models for business, while mobile S.T.E.A.M. labs are innovative ways to take your business on the go. Home/community-based businesses leverage school and community partnerships to keep location costs low. Through Unleashed Brands, Snapology owners may have the opportunity to leverage space in Urban Air Adventure Parks for camps, birthday parties and classes. Connections to Urban Air locations in your community will both lower overhead and give you access to customers who are already primed for learning, playing and growing: kids and their families!
  • More relationships and connections: Being part of a portfolio of family-focused brands gives us even more connections in the children’s enrichment and entertainment industry. When we’re all working toward the same goal, we can share insights, best practices and so much more to help our businesses grow. From the top down, this move gives Snapology more support from brand owners that understand how to best serve children.
  • Better corporate support: Unleashed Brands’ platform and systems are designed to help our corporate team support the company as a whole. This means franchisees will have access to enhanced marketing, training and support from the corporate level as you grow your individual business.

The opportunity to become a part of Unleashed Brands is one we’re immensely excited about, and we hope you are, too!

If you share our passion for helping children learn, play and grow, owning a Snapology franchise might be perfect for you. Fill out our contact form to speak with a representative and learn more.