A young girl sits with Legos sorted by color

Starting Your Own Franchise Using Lego® Bricks With Snapology

Thinking of starting your own business, a franchise using LEGO® bricks perhaps?  Managing a successful business begins with a great idea and the proper tools. Snapology is currently offering franchise opportunities for you! This is a fun, flexible, and simple business to run that offers a superior model to many other franchises.

When you start a franchise with us, we’ll have you train in our Pittsburgh location, giving you the knowledge, materials, and education that you need to start with your first classes. Not only do we help you in the beginning, our business collaborates with all of the franchises all over the country, allowing us to keep a leading edge using input from other Snapology franchises. Furthermore, we have a very flexible business model, allowing your business to grow based on your personal goals.

So what are the benefits of starting your own Snapology? First, there is a low startup cost and low overhead, giving you the opportunity to turn a profit quickly. Second, you’ll have the freedom to run your own business while gaining access to new programs and fresh ideas offered by the many other Snapology locations across the country. Best of all, you'll have a flexible career operating a franchise using LEGO® bricks while educating children in a fun, creative way.  When you are ready to start your own franchise using LEGO® bricks, review our information and contact us!