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Why Are Franchised Businesses So Successful?

Did you know that franchises have a higher rate of success than start-up businesses? Studies have shown that franchises have a success rate of approximately 90 percent, compared to a 15 percent success rate for new businesses. There are several reasons that a small business franchise like Snapology generally brings more success than a non-franchised business:

Established Operating System:  We have already developed, tested and honed guidelines, lesson plans and techniques that have proven to be successful.  By applying this proven formula, you’ll greatly increase the odds in your favor that you will also be successful!

Startup Assistance:  Getting started is one of the most critical periods for any new business. Because we’ve already assisted in this process many times, you can be confident in our expertise. You’ll also receive the training you need in Sales and Marketing, accounting software, and more.

Ongoing Support: Once your franchise is up and running, you’ll receive our ongoing support. This is critical to success, as you’ll have experienced mentors to rely on! You’ll be able to take advantage of ongoing email and telephone support, as well as email forums to communication with fellow Snapology Franchisees.

Franchises like Snapology offer the independence of a small business ownership, all while receiving the benefits of a large business network. For more information on starting your small business franchise, please call us at: (817) 241-5831.