Franchisees helping students

3 Biggest Challenges Snapology Franchisees Face & How to Beat Them

Choosing to own your own business is no simple decision. It takes time, understanding, and a whole lot of patience. For our franchisees, we do everything we can to try and alleviate some of the trials and tribulations they might face with training and support during their journey.

We've narrowed down three of the biggest challenges our franchisees have faced and how they can overcome them:

1. Building trust in the community

For some franchisees, they make the decision to open their businesses in areas where STEAM-based programs are few and far between. Though Snapology fills that need, parents can be hesitant to recognize the benefits our program can provide. "My biggest challenge was building the business from the ground up in my community," said Snapology of Mammoth County owner Shannon Russell. "Luckily, there were no other STEM-based programs like Snapology in my area, so once parents learned about us, the ball started rolling and interest in our classes, camps, and parties grew." It takes time for parents to witness the magic that is Snapology but we make sure that our franchisees have access to branded marketing and advertising materials as well as in-depth training to help them connect with their respective communities.

2. Finding staff that understands and practices the Snapology mission

Owning a youth enrichment brand doesn't mean that you have to be a parent to understand and practice Snapology's mission of building a better future for kids. Snapology helps kids build their STEAM skills and values collaboration, innovation, and creativity. Finding staff that can support that in a child-focused environment can be challenging but not impossible. One of the challenges Aaron Hagebak, owner of Snapology of Minneapolis, faced was finding teachers and staff that could bring a high level of passion and dedication to the business. "I have high expectations for my teachers and learning to trust that they’ll be at their programs on time, well-prepped and ready to go has been hard for me." We do everything we can to equip our owners with the tools they need to operate successfully. That includes offering them support during the hiring process to help them recognize the individuals that exemplify the Snapology brand. After all, your teachers are the main person your families will interact with.

3. Breaking the STEM mold

Sometimes, people see the word STEM (or in our case, STEAM) and assume that their child whose nose is almost always in a book would have nothing to benefit from one of our programs. We make sure our franchisees can reach as many kids as possible and break the stigma of STEM by teaching STEAM principles through classes, camps, parties, and more with over 60 different program topics and themes. And, our programs are FUN!

  • Some of the programs we offer include the following:
    • Robotics
    • Themed Programs
    • Preschool
    • Video Game Design
    • Competitions
    • Birthdays
    • Scouts
    • Special Needs
    • Anti-Bullying
    • Team Building
    • Drone Building

There will be challenges that need to be faced but Snapology won’t leave you in the dark. To get started on the journey of owning a Snapology franchise, contact us today.